Support Groups

Open Social

Peer GroupPeer Group has been very popular with persons living with a brain injury, and has been running now for over twenty years. The group meets each week for two hours, with a short break in the middle to stretch, grab a coffee, and/or have a smoke. Peer Group gives brain injury survivors the chance to meet informally, and sportively, with other survivors who “get” what they are going through. The discussion is open, honest, and can be on any topic at all. For some survivors, this is their only chance to be part of a group and not feel out of place. Over the last two decades, there have been many rewarding connections, and long lasting friendships that developed and continue because of this group.

CribbagePrince George Brain Injury Coffee Group

This is a small group run by 2 of our volunteers. They meet once a week on Mondays from about 12:30 – 2:30. It typically involves a few games of crib, steaming cups of coffee and lots of laughter and humorous good natured bantering.