About Us

The Society

The Prince George Brain Injured Group Society is guided by the efforts of a voluntary Board of Directors, comprised of community leaders in a number of fields. Membership in the society is open to the general public, and is available through the offices of the Society.


It is the mandate of the Prince George Brain Injured Group Society to do all within its power to enhance the lives of survivors of brain injury, and their families, in Prince George and the surrounding area. Part of that mandate is the responsibility to engage in activities aimed at a reduction in the incidence of brain injury.

Service Philosophy

  •  Advocacy and support should be available to all who require it, regardless of ability to pay
  •  Survivors of brain injury have a right to remain in their own communities, where they have the support of family and friends
  •  Survivors of brain injury have a right to affordable, accessible and appropriate services
  •  No two survivors of brain injury are alike, so assistance must remain flexible and adaptive
  •  Services should encourage maximum independence
  •  Service goals must focus on the desires and goals of the individual
  •  Service should promote positive expectations, dignity and respect
  •  Skills training is relevant to the environment in which it will be used
  •  Natural supports last longer than professional supports
  •  Environments are easier to change than people
  •  Early intervention is critical to successful outcome
  •  Community integration should be holistic, and strive for service continuum

For over a quarter of a century PG BIG has developed and provided innovative educational tools, programs and support groups to assist with all aspects of living with an acquired brain injury, primarily by providing the following:

  • Case Management – providing personal advocacy and support
  • Education – training and education for the injured, their families and professionals
  • Support Groups And Meetings – ongoing community rehabilitation services
  • Injury Prevention – information and resources to prevent acquired brain injury

In addition to services provided at the office, the Prince George Brain Injured Group owns and operates a residential brain injury group residence, which currently is home to five adults profoundly affected by brain injury. The home is licensed through Community Care Licensing, and is jointly funded by the Northern Health Authority, BC Housing Management Commission, and through an indexed user fee. Like all PG BIG programs, the focus of the group home is inclusion by “Making Participation Possible”. In addition to receiving excellent personal, physical and medical care, tenants are encouraged and fully supported to engage in personally rewarding activities, to live their lives in their own way, to develop relationships with others (both inside and outside of their home), and to have as much fun as possible. There are currently talks in progress to expand and create space to facilitate more tenants.

PG BIG is a proud member agency of the Prince George United Way, and is an active member of the Human Service community in Prince George. We are also represented on three Advisory Committees at the College of New Caledonia, are a member of the Downtown Business Improvement Association, and work with both the Prince George Roadhealth committee on injury prevention initiative and community training, and participation in the Prevention of Alcohol and Risk Related Trauma in Youth (P.A.R.T.Y.) program.

The Prince George Brain Injured Group is proud to be an active participant in many community events in Prince George. A few events that we routinely participate in include: Summerfest, Canada Day, Mennonite Fall Fair, May Day Parade, Health Fair, PG Exhibition, Father’s Day Show and Shine, and Bike to Work Week. Be sure to stop by and say hi!