Social Events

At PG BIG, we believe that social connections and fun are essential parts of life. And, if there is food involved, they’re even better! Therefore, some of our most important services involve food, fun and fabulous people. The two largest social highlights of the year, are Summer Camp and the annual Christmas Party. In between these events, we organize a wide variety of smaller adventures and celebrations for occasions like Valentines Day, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, and birthdays.

Summer Camp

Every June we spend two days and one night at camp (normally Chubb Lake Bible Camp, though we are religiously neutral). Participants get to do all the usual fun camping things, such as eating way too many hot dogs and hamburgers, swimming, boating, fishing, playing games, hiking, relaxing in the sun, and everyone’s favorite, sitting around a blazing campfire singing songs horribly out of tune and setting world sticky records eating s’mores. By the time we are ready to leave, everyone (staff included) is officially dirty, tired, overfed, bug bitten, sunburned and happy!

Camp Chubb Lake Camping

Christmas Party

Every holiday season over 100 people, including (but not limited to) survivors, their families, friends and guests, attend our annual PG BIG Christmas extravaganza. They enjoy friendship, entertainment, a home cooked turkey feast, a table piled high with desserts, and truly awesome door prizes! We warn people early that they better not pout, and better watch out, because Santa Claus is coming to eat. And, not only do guests share what they want for Christmas with ol’ St. Nick, he always comes with a pocket full of candy canes, a great big bag of toys, and booming laughter that lights up the room with smiles.

PG BIG Christmas Parties

Fishing Trip

Fishing is not only very popular, for many it is very therapeutic. Each year we take a small group out to a specified lake to spend 1½ days of fishing, laughing, and teasing each other relentlessly. In the evening, we clean and eat our fish, then sit around the campfire talking and telling stories, before crawling into tents and campers for a deep sleep that only comes after spending the day in fresh air having fun with good friends.

PG BIG Fishing Trips

Monthly Social Events

We also try to set up at least one fun social event every month, which may include potluck lunches or dinners, barbecues, playing games, a day at the park, celebration parties, etc.

Social Events Misc