Employment Opportunities At PG BIG

Current Employment Opportunities

Licensed Care Aid
Qualified licensed care aids may send their resume to info@pgbig.ca.

Prince George Brain Injured Group currently employs a team of 30-35 dynamic and compassionate persons who deliver exceptional services to a very diverse range of needs. As the rate of brain injury continues to grow, we are always looking for exceptional caregivers to join our team. Candidates for employment need to be aware that PG BIG requires, and expects, great attitude and ability from all employees. Staff at PG BIG are proud members of the British Columbia Government Employees Union, and fall under the Community Health sub-sector (excluding managers). PG BIG provides awesome staff training, but be aware that we are sticklers about attendance and punctuality. Our team is a small team, yet serves a huge need, so we have to be able to count on each other.

Employment opportunities working for Prince George Brain Injured Group may include residential support workers (qualified and licensed care aides), community support workers (qualifications vary, but most have backgrounds in mental health, social work, or various health disciplines), case managers (prefer backgrounds in social work, nursing, etc.), administrative staff (secretarial training, data entry, etc.), and managers (who do all of the above, plus supervision, staff support and training, etc.). Please enquirer about current opportunities before submitting your resume.

All positions require a valid driver’s license to be considered for employment. Case managers and community support workers are required to have a safe, properly insured vehicle available for use during working hours. Residential staff must have, or commit to acquiring, their Class 4 driver license. Extensive brain injury education and ongoing training is provided to staff at no cost.

How to Apply

We’re happy to accept applications at all times, and keep qualified applicants packages on file for six (6) months. Applicants must reside in Prince George, or the immediate surrounding area. We encourage interested candidates to complete the application at our Community Rehabilitation Center, 1070 – 4th Ave., Prince George, and when done, to ask if there is a supervisor available to speak to. Applications may also be submitted by email by downloading and completing the application form here.

Applicants are welcome to call, or e-mail, in order to make changes to contact information, or inquire about the status of their application. Only qualified applicants will be contacted.

What Survivors Want From Employees:

We asked a group of survivors to describe the perfect staff member and here are some of their responses:

  •  Have an excellent sense of humour!
  •  Have a calming personality.
  •  Be available!
  •  Team player who works to provide better service to survivors.
  •  Build meaningful links to and with survivors.
  •  Have the ability to listen.
  •  Be emphatic.
  •  Be flexible in their approach.
  •  Have knowledge of brain injury, and experience working with people who have brain injury.

Note: Staff should avoid making comments like, “I know how you feel”. Persons living with a brain injury are deeply offended by such statements, as those who do not have a brain injury have absolutely no idea ‘what it feels like’ to not be in total control of their body, to experience extremely challenging memory problems, be subject to overwhelming fatigue, or to tolerate condescending attitudes, etc.